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{ ☼ } ┄┄ Olette was walking home from school, textbooks of every variation held in her arms. 

Twilight Town was as serene as ever. Even now, a gratefully cool breeze swept up the alleys as the sunset lingered overhead, a sort of dreamy light that washed over the charming landscape. Olette frowned at the quiet sanctuary she had come to loathe over the past few months. She had dreamed of a sky full of stars rather than sunsets, of a morning where the sun was suspended high above her, making the world glitter with sunshine and light. Instead, she was stuck in this sleepy in-between forever. 

Thanks to Sora and Kairi, she knew there were other worlds out there and she daydreamed about them often. Her grades were plummeting, her mother was still absent, and Hayner and Pence seemed to be drifting away, as if they could sense that Olette wasn’t always there. As if they knew she dreamed of far-off places and knights and princesses that would always, always need saving. Of heroes that never returned. 

Olette hugged her books to her chest, eyes locked with the cobblestone streets. Sora had been gone for a very, very long time. And Olette was left to wait alongside Hayner and Pence, fantasize about that moment her lost friend would return to them. Because without Sora around… something felt like it was missing. She couldn’t stand that feeling of emptiness, that longing for things to be complete.

She was a perfectionist. She loved her world to be in order and without Sora things were simply… different. She hated how illogical it all seemed—she missed a boy she had known for mere hours. She thought he was her best friend, though Kairi had made it quite clear that he had friends of his own. A life beyond that of sunsets and silhouettes.  

Olette shook her head, clearing it of thoughts about Sora, other worlds, and lost friendships. She had homework to think about. But as she glanced down at her tower of books, she doubted she would do it at all.

It was then she looked up to see a boy with short blonde hair. She wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing, but she had never seen him before, an anomaly in itself. Visitors were incredibly rare to Twilight Town and Olette could proudly name all of her neighbors easily. She shifted the books in her arms and approached the boy. 

"Hi there, are you new here?" She asked, not quite able to make out his face due to the blistering sunshine.

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{ ☼ } ┄┄ Olette quickly snatched her shirt down, her face flushed with embarrassment. 

"Oh my God," Olette breathed, a hand over her stomach. "I wonder how much soap this is gonna take to wash off."

She was already scrubbing at it through the shirt, looking utterly mortified.

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{ ☼ } ┄┄ “You are staggeringly beautiful!” Olette exclaimed (too loudly), a nervous grin on her face. Flirting was much harder than she realized.

Roxas stared at the girl for a moment, before bursting out laughing.

"Th-That was… hahahaha! That was… a good try, really..! Hahaha! Th-Thanks…."


{ ☼ } ┄┄ “H-Hey! I’m trying!” She cried, lightly slapping Roxas behind his head (she could get slightly aggressive with the boys, especially if she was feeling particularly embarrassed—or they did something stupid, which was often the case). Olette was nearly crimson, pouting and looking away from the blonde.
It was true, Olette had never been able to flirt. She was a logical, studious girl. Her few crushes mostly ignored her and she them. She simply did not know how to make the first move, stupefied in the face of love. Asking Roxas to help her learn how to flirt was probably the last thing she should have done. 

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{ ☼ } ┄┄ “You are staggeringly beautiful!” Olette exclaimed (too loudly), a nervous grin on her face. Flirting was much harder than she realized.

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"Heya olette, it good to see ya again"


{ ☼ } ┄┄ “I could say the same to you,” Olette mused. “It’s been awhile. How are the adventures going?”

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"Well, I’m off to do several dangerous, life-threatening things involving my skateboard, a chicken, a bag of bees, and some mail. See ya!"


{ ☼ } ┄┄ “There’s no way you’re doing any of that!” Olette scowled, snapping out a hand and curling it within his jacket to stop him. “Why would you want to, Roxas?”